ReCrowd is a New Source of Information for Crowdfunding for Real Estate Across Europe

Verv Media developed Real Estate Crowd (REcrowd) to be a new source of information for the real estate investor across Europe. Still an evolving industry, the crowdfunding movement in this industry is probably the defining development of the last 10 years. It offers the option for any investor to be part of some of the most profitable investments available to everyday people. Starting off as a news outlet, ReCrowd intends to include additional functionality in future developments. The evolving site will add new tools in order to become a real estate crowdfunding marketplace designed to better serve its customers.

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The Verv Media Creative Agency is uniquely positioned in the marketplace to reach all actors in the industry thanks to its combination of creative and marketing activities. Focusing on the commercial real estate industry, the studio develops front and back ends of responsive websites using all the best WordPress tools. Custom coding as well as an array of outreach solutions to include web, email and social media marketing round out the offer. If you have a web projectyou would like us to work on, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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